For over 40 years, we have provided hydrotechnical services in more than 40 developing and developed countries. NHC’s international development specialists are widely respected for providing services that incorporate an understanding of cultural, institutional, and technical issues, as well as a commitment to the broader development objectives of both the financier and the recipient.

In south and southeast Asia, NHC has been engaged in design and analysis of river training works and erosion protection on some of the biggest rivers in the world on projects financed by national governments. These projects are typically supported by the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and (former) Canadian International Development Agency. In Asia and Africa, our experts work with both public and private clients to design and improve irrigation systems to provide more efficient and reliable delivery of water for food production. In South America, NHC provides hydrotechnical services similar to our North American operations, with a focus on environmental river restoration, sediment transport, river engineering, hydrology, and ecohydraulics.

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