As part of the River Bank Improvement Project (RBIP), NHC was responsible for managing a multidisciplinary study team preparing the technical and economic feasibility study and detailed technical design for reconstructing the Brahmaputra right embankment and securing it against erosion. The work included developing and supervising supporting bathymetric and topographic surveys, geotechnical investigations, hydrological and morphological studies, numerical modelling studies, social development and safeguard surveys, and environmental studies. The feasibility study for embankment and river bank protection work included alternatives assessment for different embankment and river bank protection options. The project qualified as a mega-project by the World Bank standards and required a Social Assessment, Stakeholder Consultations for integrated water resources development, and Participation Report, Resettlement Action Plan and Framework, Property Valuation Study, Gender Action Plan, Communication Strategy, Income and Livelihood Restoration, and Health Sector Review. Detailed designs were developed including preparation of prequalification and bidding documents for works and services, including technical specifications and drawings for international competitive bidding of the approximately US$400MM main construction contract.