In cold regions of the world, the formation and presence of ice are important considerations in locating and designing engineering facilities within or along rivers, lakes, and seas—facilities such as hydroelectric plants, intakes, bridges, docks, and flood protection levees. Ice roads and specially thickened or reinforced ice bridges are also an integral part of winter transportation in colder remote areas. Being able to correctly anticipate changing cold-weather environmental conditions helps prepare facilities for concerns such as frazil ice build-up and the forces of ice on structures.

NHC’s experienced team of ice engineering experts and our cold-chamber facilities provide critical strategic insights for cold-region projects. The services we provide include on-site measurement and field observation; detailed numerical modelling of ice processes; statistical determination of design levels, thicknesses, strengths, and ice forces on structures; developing measures to eliminate or reduce ice problems; safety determinations; and physical modelling.

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