Geomorphology considers today’s landscape form as well as the physical processes that have created the features and maintain them in their present shape. This dual perspective can consider a range of timescales, from tens to thousands of years, and spatial scales from individual sediment grains to whole watersheds. NHC retains the largest number of geomorphologists of any consulting firm in North America because we know that understanding future shape, alignment, stability, and adjustment of river channels and coastlines is critical to making good management decisions and supporting great design solutions.

Our best advice to our clients is to undertake applied geomorphic studies that integrate with other project investigations—for example, hydrologic, hydraulic, and sediment transport analyses—for a watershed-based or coastal systems-based approach to design and management. Our studies and plans are often essential to developing sustainable river engineering works, managing coastal shoreline erosion issues, understanding the full suite of flooding and landslide hazards, developing water supply infrastructure, and restoring and managing natural habitats.

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