Following the catastrophic 2013 floods, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is completing a series of flood hazard studies on rivers throughout the province. NHC was retained to carry out: 1) survey and base data collection; 2) hydrologic investigations; 3) hydraulic model development and calibration; 4) open water flood inundation map production; 5) open water flood hazard identification; 6) ice jam modelling assessment and flood hazard identification; 7) governing flood hazard map production; 8) flood risk assessment and inventory; 9) channel stability investigation; and 10) digital study file compilation. The Upper Bow River project involved a 120 km reach between the Banff National Park boundary at the upstream end and City of Calgary limits at the downstream end. The mapping developed by NHC will guide future development along the river and provide input during flood emergency response. In addition to the Upper Bow, NHC has been engaged by AEP to complete flood hazard studies for numerous other communities and rivers in Alberta.