The Lower Mainland region of British Columbia is exposed to significant flood hazards from the ocean and Fraser River. Roughly 300,000 people live within the floodplain and over time, flood risks will increase as the area densifies and climate change leads to sea level rise and more severe riverine flooding. Previous NHC projects for Fraser Basin Council estimated potential flood losses in the $20 – $30 billion range. The region is protected by approximately 500 km of dikes, but an overview assessment by NHC showed these to be largely inadequate during the design flood event. Consequently, a comprehensive flood management strategy is urgently needed. NHC developed a leading-edge 2D hydraulic model of a 170-km-long reach of the river from Hope to the ocean to assess inundation caused by dike breaches and evaluate various structural and non-structural flood mitigation solutions. A key component of the project is to develop communication tools for engaging stakeholders, municipalities, and government groups in selecting suitable long-term solutions.