The Cachuma Operations and Maintenance Board (COMB) plans to replace the existing pipeline that conveys raw water from Lake Cachuma to the North Portal Intake Tower and into the Tecolote Tunnel, which connects the lake to South Coast pipelines in Santa Barbara County. When lake levels are low, the floating Lake Cachuma Emergency Pump Station (LCEPS) conveys raw water through a pipeline that floats on the lake. The COMB plans to replace the existing pipeline with one that is partly anchored to the bottom of the lake and partly buried beneath it. NHC simulated pump power failure and pump startup for the LCEPS and developed surge control measures to protect the integrity of the new pipeline and minimize the introduction of air following pump power failure. NHC recommended installing a standpipe from the pipeline just below the pump station and a lake water inlet swing check valve so that lake water (at high lake levels) or air (at low lake levels) will enter the pipeline when the pressure on the inside of the pipeline drops.