Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) plans to construct a pump station to convey recycled water from Pressure Zone A to Pressure Zones B and C and the Syphon Reservoir. The Eastwood Recycled Water Pump Station (ERWPS) will also have the capability to directly convey recycled water stored in the Syphon Reservoir to Zone B and/or Zone C. The pressure zones comprise asbestos cement pipe, polyvinyl chloride pipe, ductile iron pipe, cast iron pipe, steel pipe, and concrete cylinder pipe. We developed a surge model of the pressure zones and ERWPS using TransAM. The analysis showed the need for surge control measures to protect the pipelines from adverse pressure transients created by ERWPS pump power failure. To protect the system, we recommended installation of large volume pressurized surge tanks for installation in recessed pits, bypass pipelines equipped with check valves, and controlled venting vacuum relief valves.