The flow of air is analogous to the flow of water and can be simulated using fluid mechanics analyses. Lasalle|NHC performs wind, snow control, and air pollution studies in a special hydraulic flume that is part of our laboratory’s permanent facilities. We also carry out numerical modelling, give technical opinions based on drawings submitted by architects and urban planners, and act as an expert witness in court cases.

We perform these studies to evaluate a wide variety of conditions including transport of solids and secondary fluids in the wind. Wind impact on urban areas is primarily analyzed to evaluate pedestrian comfort levels or wind loads on tall buildings. Snow transport and accumulation under wind action are also simulated in urban areas to assess loads on roofs or snow entrainment in intakes. Moreover, effluent dispersion is studied in order to examine the risk of recirculation of stale air out of vents, stacks, exhausts, chimneys, odors, mist, and water vapor plumes.

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