The Kutehr hydroelectric project is located in the State of Himachal Pradesh, India. Flow to the plant is supplied from the Ravi River through an intake located near the village of Holi. The project is situated in a mountainous area where the Ravi River runs through a valley, resulting in considerable sediment loads. Lasalle|NHC completed a study to evaluate and optimize the hydraulic performance and desilting capacity of the hydraulic structures. We constructed physical hydraulic models of the main components: a 1:60 headworks model (including the barrage with gated spillway and the power intake structures), a 1:25 tailworks model (including the draft tubes, collecting chamber, tailrace tunnel, and outfall structure), and a 1:25 desanding chamber model (representing the right-hand side of two desanders and flushing conduits). Tests were carried out to assess the performance of the hydraulic components during exclusive spillway operation.