NHC provides professional services to support and upgrade the Capital Regional District’s existing hydrometric monitoring network since July 2020. This project has since been extended and tasks are planned on an as-needed basis. Work includes:

  • Support in operating and maintaining 16 hydrometric stations, including stage-discharge measurements and rating curve development.
  • Recommendations for station and instrument upgrades, as well as citing, design, and installation. Data management and QA/QC, including assignment of RISC (2018) grades for hydrometric data.
  • Water quality monitoring (turbidity, pH and conductivity) and instrument calibration at select stations.

Data collected from this monitoring program is used to monitor the quantity and quality of source water supplied to the Greater Victoria area. Part of our role is to ensure data accuracy and precision by confirming instrument performance and any rating curve changes thereby increasing confidence in data collection. The network spans a large area including multiple pristine watersheds, and our partnership requires that we are committed to maintaining healthy waterways and ecosystems within these areas.