Frog Lake First Nation retained NHC to utilize technical expertise to development a flood risk mitigation framework for Frog Lake First Nation. The main project tasks include hydrological assessment, assessment of existing hydraulic capacity, classify flood prone areas, and flood risk mitigation framework.

NHC conducted a field assessment in April 2020 to observe flood inundation and damage from a spring runoff event. Historical climate and streamflow data were retrieved t support the characterization of flooding process, design flood magnitudes and water balance assessments. Three flood types including creek flooding, overland flood and road flooding were identified as dominant flood types in the area. A two-dimensional hydraulic model was developed to determine the flood prone areas along the various road alignments. Based on the analysis, framework attributes were identified.

The flood mitigation framework provides an effective tool to identify and categorize flood prone areas. The framework also provides a technical rationale that supports flood risk mitigation strategies for Frog Lake First Nation.