Dickerson and Chico Creeks, two of Kitsap County’s most important Chum and Coho salmon streams, have been severely impacted by human activities, resulting in degraded habitat, channel incision, bank instability, and reduced fish productivity. NHC managed, planned, designed, and provided extensive construction support and community outreach for two complex culvert replacements, extensive bank stabilization, fish passage, and stream restoration on both creeks. Technical components included hydraulics, hydrology, geomorphology, design, and permit support. The project reengaged floodplains; replaced two barrier culverts; established thousands of native plants; replaced concrete retaining walls, rock revetments, and other structures with bioengineered banks; and installed hundreds of large woody debris elements for stability and habitat. NHC harmonized engineering and permit requirements with property owner and other stakeholder concerns, incorporating site stewardship, environmental education, and public access elements. This successful project has since become a restoration education showcase for schools and other community groups.