NHC was selected as a subconsultant to construct and test a series of physical hydraulic models of various components of the City of Toronto’s Integrated Pumping Station project. Five model studies, conducted at scales ranging from 1:4.5 to 1:10, were adopted to evaluate pump stations, drop structures, and a major distribution system at the project on the shore of Lake Ontario. The objectives of the studies were to ensure the pump stations met various design criteria, prevent accumulation of sediment and debris, eliminate excessive entrainment of air, reduce maintenance requirements, and develop control strategies for plant operation. Testing the models with design engineers and city representatives encouraged the development of operational guidelines that promote self-cleaning capabilities and modifications that will improve hydraulic performance for the overall system. The study resulted in significant cost savings attributed to future maintenance and performance of the system.

More information on the City of Toronto’s stormwater management program, with information on the Ashbridges Bay Integrated Pumping Station at 4:45 of the video: